Media Monitoring & Reporting

Brands can take immediate action in their campaign with the help of a professional media monitoring service. They can also find out how established their position is in the media.

Analyze Data About Your Press Room Performance

With media monitoring, you can learn the information you need about the content you’ve published for an online press room. You’ll get immediate access to the information such as how many visitors came to the press room, the number of reads you’re getting, the most popular press releases and more.

Review How Effective Your Press Releases Are

It’s important to learn how effective your press releases are by reviewing the information in a press release submission report. This exhaustive press release submission report will provide you with guidance on what press releases are working and what are not. The data will give you information on how many times it was read, when it was submitted, etc.

Integrate Google Analytics Into The Press Room

If you want to get more and more detailed data on your press releases, integrate your existing Google Analytics account with your press room to instantly access, report and analyze all the data you need.

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