About Us

PR Turkey, which was set up in 2011, is a press release distribution organization that provides brand-explicit answers to clients that want media attention using effective press release distribution service and digital PR work.

The agency uses both digital and traditional media to boost brands’ visibility in the media – sending messages and news clients want and need to share with their target audience with the proper channels when the time is right.

In 2015, PR Turkey got the boost it needed with the assistance of Harmes Media Co. LTD, quickly becoming the most sought out agency to handle the distribution of digital PR works and press releases.

Why Should You Choose PR Turkey
  • Experts in digital PR work and press release distribution
  • Many well-known brands have used PR Turkey for their press release distribution and digital PR needs
  • Caring customer service to ensure brands receive reliable, timely communications
  • Team of experts to create and use highly-effective digital PR strategies for its clients
  • Helps increase brand’s visibility and reputation to its target audience using online channels and traditional media within the company’s media communication circle.
  • The agency develops a high ROI strategy to ensure lasting communications with a brand’s customers and target group.
  • PR Turkey can help brands become an industry leader and surpass their competitors in search engine results.
  • With the use of current media database, press releases can be sent to the proper press members and channels.
  • The agency can create highly-effective media communication techniques that help brands showcase their products/services to Turkey’s newspapers and news sites.
  • It leads to awareness of brand, services and products to particular countries and publication uses both international and domestic news companies.
  • It allows marketers to see how they are doing in both traditional and online media. All work carried out is reported in detail.