Press Release Distribution

PR Turkey’s press release distribution service will allow you to easily access all forms of traditional and online media in one location.


Our expert editors will create amazing press releases that include search engine optimization and social media optimization. .


There are over 18,000 journalists and 2,000+ media outlets that we can send your materials to. We’ll filter through the groups to find your target audience and send the approved press release out.


Use the follow-up report, media submission report and reporter submission report to learn how successful your press releases are. You’ll be provided with an array of in-depth information to help you create a positive marketing plan.

Success Is The Result of Strong Communication Of Both Digital and Print Media

When it comes to your brand’s success, it hinges on its visibility in both print and digital media. It’s why PR Turkey uses both formats in distributing press releases.

We know that your target audience does their research using both print and digital media. And, we know that your visibility on the Internet will have an impact on whether or not your business is successful.

PR Turkey’s “Press Release Distribution” service will help you to connect with Internet sites and the press easily. When you use PR Turkey to distribute your press release, you reach out to your target audience in various formats:

Local, national or international newspapers, magazines, etc.

Local and national TVs

Press members based on the area of interest, writing areas, etc.

News agencies

Forums, blog authors, etc.

Social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

How Does A Press Release Distribution Service Help Your Brand?


A press release distribution service helps you to make contact with customers.

Brand Awareness

With a boost in brand awareness, you make sure prospective customers are learning about you.

New Customers

A press release study can help you narrow down the right media to find news customers, business partners and investors.


PR Turkey can quickly produce professional eye-appealing and thought-provoking material, saving you a plethora of time.


A press release distribution service allows you to control all your material for a low fee and fixed price.


Search engine optimized press releases and newsletters will help you to surpass the competition in search results and gain traction with your intended audience.

Social Media

Your material will be geared to your target group on the social media networks and something they’ll want to share with family and friends.

Online Visibility

With online visibility, interested parties of your brand, service or product can check out your website to learn more.


With the assistance of reporting and follow-up tools, you can review the analytics of your campaign. It allows you to have better control of your material and learn how effective your campaign is working in both print and online media.

Supplementary Services

Receive the kind of attention you need from journalists with PR Turkey’s professional press release writing service. The team will create a newsworthy, eye-appealing press release that’s sure to spark the response you want.

The Newsroom provides your brand with a confidential press room for your communications needs, allowing you to announce, share and send out press releases, visuals, events and other important items from the platform.

Brands can take immediate action in their campaign with the help of a professional media monitoring service.
They can also find out how established their position is in the media.