The Newsroom allows you to manage your communications and press releases from a single location.

Manage your PR works from one platform

The Newsroom provides your brand with a confidential press room for your communications needs, allowing you to announce, share and send out press releases, visuals, events and other important items from the platform.

Newsroom will save you a plethora of time that you’d normally spend on PR work. Increase the pace you work at on your PR material, such as a newsletter, readying it for the press room with the one-click distribution option. 

Boost Your Brand’s Visibility Online 

The online press release offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so you can increase the visibility your communications material. The press room content can be easily attained by people you’re targeting – journalists, for example.

Real-Time Performance Analytics 

Keep track of your most read newsletters, number of your visitors in the press room, and the most viewed content in the press room of your brand within press room statistics. With newsletter transmission report, have instant information you will mostly need, such as the number of recipients, the number of delivered and the number of openings and clicks.

Use The Archives To Find Files

Once you’ve created your videos, files and other documents and have uploaded them to the press room, you can archive them for later use. This will save you time in reloading the same documents.

Use The Communication Executive Feature

Add your PR and press communication staff so they can handle the media relations.  This allows journalists easy access to news surrounding your brand, services and products.

Advanced Planning Of Activity Management 

Make plans for invitations, meetings, and other events that you would like to organize about your brand, products, and services, and make sure your media members and target groups are notified quickly and easily whenever you want.

Set Up A Press Room For Customers

Set up personalized press rooms for customers so you can easily create, keep track of and edit material in it. The multi-media room management feature saves everybody time.

Incorporate Social Media Accounts 

Bring your social media accounts into the newsroom so your target group and members of the press can keep track and watch for news about your brand and its products/services.

12 Reasons You Need To Use A Press Room

Media Hub

All material is collected and maintained in one area, boosting efficiency and saving you a plethora of time.


Using the media list aspect, you can send out press releases and get in-depth reports.


Reporting and follow-up tools provide you the ability to attain current data about how many people came to your press room and viewed its materials.

Easy Access

A media database provides you easier access to material that helps journalists to develop a news story about your brand, product and/or service.

News Archive

A media database provides you access to both old and new releases as well as other news.

Media Visibility

Press releases that haven’t received media attention is visible in the press room.


A search engine optimized press room helps your brand name be shown at the top of search engine results.

Online Visibility

You can garner more attention from visitors with an SEO-friendly press room than a professional website.


Save money while you reach out to your investors, target group and prospective customers.

Brand Awareness

This helps people to remember your brand and raise your visibility in the community.

Social Media

Wıth an active, shareable content source, you can craft better social media plan to reach your target audience.


This allows any brand to make contact with the authorities in press communications.